Cretan old-stone windmill aged since 1907, located in Lassithi, the eastern part of Crete, that was used for flour production.

In this side of Crete and especially in the area of Merabello, rain is absent. Instead, there are strong winds and that is the reason the construction of windmills flourished. They were usually built on hillsides out of stone, having a circular shape. The metallic conic roof had the ability to move following the wind (this type of windmill is called Xetrocharis). White triangular sails would put in motion a wooden system of axes and wheels, which would make a mill stone turn above another mill stone, in opposite directions, to grind wheat into flour.

Hand-painted with high quality oil paints on stretched canvas. Textured using brush and palette knife technique. Ready to hang. Does not need framing since the sides are painted.
No printing or digital imaging techniques were used.
No middle people involved.

Canvas dimensions: 60×80 cm

Price: 200€

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